Kawartha Haliburton CAS

Clinical Support Service Program (CSSP)

CSSP began operation on April 1, 2004 and currently provides services for 33 cases on approximately a 6-month basis (for a total of 66 cases per year).

Mission Statement

CSSP is dedicated to the belief that, for most children in the Society’s Care, placement permanency is best achieved in a family setting that can understand and respond to the individual needs of the whole child. Through the provision of a sound clinical assessment, the child’s needs are identified and an intervention plan is developed which is specific to the needs of the child. To facilitate placement stability and preservation, strategies to effectively meet the child and caregiver’s needs are implemented within the child’s resource with the support and guidance of a multidisciplinary clinical team.

Guiding Principles

  • CSSP is a planned intervention to the child’s placement for a specified period of time to meet contracted goals and objectives.
  • As a community based model, CSSP deals with the child in his/her “whole world”. As a result, the arena for intervention must be broad and include a high degree of flexibility and innovation, and exhibit responsiveness to individual child and caregiver needs and strengths.
  • Children need to be provided with a permanent home. CSSP is intended to promote permanency and stability for children residing with a foster/resource/kinship/adoptive/biological family. Our children and families are approached with the utmost respect and dignity.




Kawartha Haliburton CAS

Therapeutic Foster Home Program (TFHP)

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Clinical Support Service Program (CSSP)

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