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Mixed Modality Program (MMP)

The Mixed Modality Program began operation on May 1, 2009. Mixed Modality can be best defined as a bridge between traditional TFC programs and staff modeled settings. Mixed Modality is seen as having the treatment foster parent and child at the centre of treatment supported by child and youth care staff.

Mission Statement

The Mixed Modality Program is dedicated to helping troubled children, youth and families heal through a coherent, integrated constellation of services. Based on a comprehensive assessment and clinically sound procedures implemented primarily by the treatment foster parents and supported by child and youth workers, a detailed plan is developed to produce positive outcomes. We are committed to maintaining a normalizing and healthy living environment for children in care. Whenever possible children should be treated in a family based environment.

Guiding Principles

  • Services focus on solutions, being respectful of the strengths, capacities, and courage of those working to change.
  • The child lives in a “whole world” – family, school, community. Treatment is therefore involved in a broad way.
  • Whenever possible, treatment is delivered in full partnership with the child’s own family.
  • Treatment takes place primarily in the child’s daily living space. The centre of the treatment is the development of the relationship between the treatment foster parent and the child supported by the child and youth workers. Additional   treatment may be added to support the child.
  • Behaviour management techniques are used to stabilize the child and promote social skills. The child’s behavior is seen as a form of communication from the child to the adult about the child’s needs.
  • Assessment and treatment planning are essential if purposeful change is to take place.
  • As much as possible, every child should be included in decisions affecting their lives.


Kawartha Haliburton CAS

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