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Supporting Children and Youth Involved with the Kawartha Haliburton Children's Aid Society

Testimonials from Former KHCAS Youth In Care


Chance’s Thank You.

My name is Chance, and I was placed into extended care with the Kawartha-Haliburton  Children’s Aid Society.
I grew up in a single parent home.  My mother was an alcoholic, so I was raised mostly by my other family members.  We moved a few times a year and I was never in school long enough to make any really friends or to really be educated.  Being one of 13 children, I often slipped through the cracks.  At a very young age I had experienced drugs, robbery and other criminal activity.
When I was 9, I was put in foster care and made a crown ward.  This was a game changer for me.  I was placed with an amazing foster family who were generous, caring, and kind.  They loved me and invested in me with their time, money, and emotions.
My worker supported me and had my best interests in mind, and the Foundation made it possible for me to take part in sports, school trips, educational courses, summer camp and independent living, for which I am truly grateful.  I thank the Foundation and the donors for all that they did for me.
While completing a School of Biblical Studies program, I met my wife Mary Austin.  We were married in 2012 and moved back to Peterborough.  We are happily married with our first son, and another one on the way.  I run a photography business and I am pastor of a church called “The Gathering” in Peterborough.  I am now working on my degree part-time at Toronto Baptist Seminary.  I encourage helping and supporting crown wards, like me, as it makes such a difference in our lives.


Valerie Says Thank You.

My name is Valerie, and I was placed into extended care with the Kawartha-Haliburton Children’s Aid Society.

I would like to thank KHCF for recognizing the financial difficulties I was having, as I did not have support from my family.  KHCF has provided me with a college bursary each year to help with my school expenses.

Words cannot express how thankful I am for their assistance.  I am also touched at how positive and encouraging they are about my future.  I am proud to say that I currently have a GPA of 3.5 in the Social Service Worker Program at Sir Sandford Fleming College.

I thank the Foundation for helping me become a Champion!



Venson Thanks the Foundation.

My name is Venson, and I was placed into extended care with the Kawartha-Haliburton Children’s Aid Society.

I have met many marvelous people throughout my life within the system. Because of my Foster family and the Foundation I was encouraged to take the leap and go to college.

I have been living on my own for 3 years; and I am doing well! I am attending Trillium College and taking Video Game Design.

I realize now just how big of a help the Foundation is because they give me assistance with my school expenses and tuition. The biggest help is that they have helped give me the confidence to succeed.

Andrew tells his Story 
My name is Andrew, and I was placed into extended care with the KHCAS.  I was born three months early in 1991 at Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital.  Due to my premature delivery I was born with Cerebral Palsy and hip dysplasia.
When I was 5,  I had to have an operation on my legs so I could walk.  This was extremely stressful on my parents and created turmoil at home.  It was then that the CAS and the Foundation came to the rescue.
The Foundation has provided so many opportunities, such as sending me to summer camp and helping me with finances to allow me to live independently.  They have also helped me advance with my education with financial support for my college and school supplies.
I am so proud of where I am today.  I went from the doctors saying that I would never walk or talk and today I am so happy that I proved them wrong.
I thank God every single day of my life for what I have and who I am and I thank the Foundation for helping me achieve my dreams and goals in life.

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