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Kawartha Haliburton CAS
Kawartha Haliburton CAS

Changes in the Way we Work

We’re about to make a major change to the way we work that will…

Help keep kids in Ontario safe
Make us more efficient
Make us more accountable
Our Agency will be moving on to the CPIN system April 18
It’s called the Child Protection Information Network, but we call it CPIN. It’s an initiative of the Government of Ontario to replace the separate information systems by the province’s 47 Children’s Aid Societies with a new, single system. It will bring together a number of different functions – case management, files, reporting and finance – and it will put that information into a single database storing information for all CASs in Ontario. It is a monumental change in our day-to-day activities. Taking multiple systems used by CASs across Ontario and replacing them with one system means that while our work will be the same, the way we do it will be different. Our people will have to learn how to do the same work on a new system that is very different. Training and practise on CPIN will take a major commitment of training, time and resources. During implementation, we expect our people to be busier than usual. You can expect delays in responding to non-essential issues.

Thank you for understanding and supporting us

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