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Kawartha Haliburton CAS
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Adoption Placement

The Society recognizes that there are children who want and need the security and commitment of an adoption home and, at the same time, want and need to have periodic contact with particular members of their birth family such as siblings and grandparents.

The Society will look for adoption placements for such children, provided suitable and appropriate access arrangements can be made.

Prior to placing a child in an adoptive home, extensive visiting occurs between the child and the prospective adoptive parents. The adoptive family is also provided with all of the non-identifying information regarding the child’s birth, life experiences, health and family background.

Adoption Probation

The placement of a child into an adoptive home begins the adoption probation period. The probation period lasts minimally six months.

Adoption probation is a critical period of adjustment for both the child and the adoptive family. During this time period, the child begins the process of integration into the adoptive family. The probation period provides a time for the family and child to adjust to each other and to ensure that the placement is “right” for both the child and the adoptive family.

An adoption worker is required to visit the child and adoptive parents in the adoptive home a minimum of 3 times during the probation period. These visits are to assist the family with any adjustment difficulties. In addition, it allows the adoption worker to provide support, coordinate support services and, ultimately, to assess the extent to which the child has meshed with the adoptive family and the extent to which the adoptive parents demonstrate the ability to absorb the child into the family.

Finalizing an Adoption

The court will only finalize an adoption if it is satisfied that the Adoption Order is in the child’s best interests. A report prepared by the adoption worker, which summarizes the adoption placement and addresses why it is in the best interests of the child to be adopted by the applicants, is submitted to the court. The best interests of the child are defined in the CFSA and include any factors that are relevant to the situation.

An Adoption Order is final and irrevocable. On the date the court makes the Adoption Order, the adopted child becomes, in law, the child of his or her adoptive parents and ceases, in law, to be the child of his or her birth parents or any other prior adoptive parent.

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